Practice base evaluation to help school-enterprise cooperation

2020-10-26 09:26

On the morning of October 21, 2020, the company, as the undergraduate internship base of Xuchang College, held the expert evaluation meeting of the Ministry of Education in Yuchen Pharmaceutical.



General Manager Fu Shou made a report on the construction and operation of the base and the results. Evaluation experts to Yuchen pharmaceutical in the construction of the base in the process of efforts and achievements to give full recognition and high evaluation. It is hoped that both the university and the enterprise can cooperate closely to continuously improve the discipline training mode of "school-enterprise alliance and industry-education integration", promote the technological innovation of pharmaceutical engineering and the development of new products, new processes and new equipment, clean production and comprehensive utilization of resources, and realize the docking of education and industrial development. It is suggested to give full play to the advantages of both sides, establish a mutually beneficial model of university-enterprise cooperation in personnel training, technological innovation and achievement transformation, constantly improve the quality of application-oriented personnel training, and better serve the national and regional economic and social development.